Lacquar Art Series                      / 2013 - 2014





◤2014—selected by The Industry Cooperation Exhibition in  FenYuan Museum of Lacquer Art◥  


Creating lacquer-ware requires a long period of time because of “activated lacquer” process in which is the sap tapped from the varnish trees, will show miscellaneous gloss in different thickness of lacquer with the passage of time. Also the inspiration of images and shapes comes from the series of wall mold. In the future, I am looking forward to applying elements about lacquer art series and changes in lacquer into experimental animation to excavate more potential.

The Pumpkin Monster Family       / 2009




Each character has its own distinctive personality and setting. According to their peculiarities, I carefully designed and strengthened its charateristics by highlighting shapes and modeling. On the same trajectory, the self-made scene can create corresponding atmosphere to bring out the storyboard.



◤elected as the paragon for high school’s textbooks --- Arts and Humanities◥  

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