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Coffee Spoonature I


H  7.1 in   W 9.8 in   D 2.4 in

Ceramic, PVC foam sheet, mixed media, drawing paper



There are three hand-made ceramic spoon figures in the mixed media shadow box. They can be served as spoon or as artwork for hanging on wall, placing on tabletop, or eating food.


Around 2020 A.C. (After Covid), the Spooniverse was born…

The Spooniverse includes Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot food energy planets, Humearth, etc. It keeps expanding and many mystic spoon-like beings evolve and flourish in unforeseen speed.


From this box “Coffee Spoonature I”, you will see the entire ecosystem rely and feed on coffee. These creatures thrive with very specific formula, ratio, and temperature of coffee. So, in this one, the formula is dark roast coffee, milk, cinnamon powder, brown sugar and cacao powder.       


ceramic spoon part: hand-wash with detergent recommended.

shadow box part: no direct sunlight and away from water.

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