Fish-Like Bird Community

Animation installation







With the leapfrog generation of consumer electronics technology, modern people are immersed in the Internet or other means of social websites by turning on the computers and sliding their fingers on the screen which widen the gap between people and real world. Such a phenomenon inspires me to create the animation installation.


In this work, there are “Fish-Like Birds” made by dough on each acrylic box in different height. The new-fangled creature is the epitome of current-day people who have been indulged in the cyberspace for period of time. As a result, they tend to forget know how to interact with others . They are compressed in the considerably flat virtual space, having no real interaction with each other. Although relationship seems to be flat and monotonous, the inner part gradually mildew and crack because of being lack in real understanding which may backfired the development of society.


In the middle line of the works, the animation in three digital photo frames connect together, playing motion graphics continuously. 



From the above and left pictures,"Fish-Like Birds" made by dough cracked and mildewed naturally and gradually in the environment of exhibition. Throgh the light from the light box, people can observe the process and inner layer of creatures. On the top of this page, these pictures shows the condition of the work after a year.