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The animation installation, “Mental Black Hole” examines how people perceive depression as opposed to the invisible activity taking place in the brain. This media-based installation, in the form of physical space with three-channel projection,  presents a creative interpretation of the amygdala and hippocampus’ physical manifestations of depression.

"心靈黑洞"這動畫裝置 原始設計為: 在一個約12立方英尺空間中的三頻道投影。作品闡述憂鬱症患者所見的世界,運用冰冷刺痛的金屬物件 與  聲效隱喻那份因"心理" 而產生"生理"的刺痛感。此外,透過油與墨實驗技法,營造出流動有機效果 來表現不可見的腦內運作機制---海馬迴與杏仁核對負面影像所形成的劇烈反應。

Animation Installation 






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