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Mt. Moonrise Ice Spoon


H  9.8 in   W 7.2 in   D 3.6 in

Ceramic, PVC foam sheet, mixed media, drawing paper



There are two hand-made ceramic spoon figures in the mixed media shadow box. It can be served as spoon or as artwork for hanging on wall, placing on tabletop, or eating food.


Around 2020 A.C. (After Covid), the Spooniverse was born…

The Spooniverse includes Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot food energy planets, Humearth, etc. It keeps expanding and many mystic spoon-like beings evolve and flourish in unforeseen speed.


From this box, you will see “Mt. Moonrise Ice” which is on “Cold food energy planet” or “Cool food energy planet”. Since these two planets are very close to “Luna Moon”, round food teardrops (such as yolk, beans toppings, tangyuan, mochi, etc.) from Luna Moon drop on top of Mt. Moonrise Ice and form this magnificent and unique view.


Moreover, there are some poetic symbols from alien civilization outside the Spooniverse discovered in this place. It becomes the myth about Mt. Moonrise Ice:

月見長生果冰山  昔日台灣光復心

月見赤豆醬冰山  灌頂煉乳臺美情

月見交融雪花山  奶香蛋橙配料增

遊牧匙口冰山間  沁心滋味蹤古今


And below is the possible interpretation of the myth: “In 1945, there is a type of Taiwanese shaved ice dessert which has egg yolk on top called moonrise ice (yue jian bing). It is very popular not only for good flavor and price but high in nutrition value from egg yolk and peanut. Moonrise Ice heals and comforts heart and soul of Taiwanese during the period of Taiwan restoration time. Besides, ingredients formed moonrise ice reflect historical and political background in Taiwan, condensed milk was first introduced around 1950 (U.S. Assistance to Taiwan) and later adopted to moonrise ice. Nowadays, there are more variety of side to pick from like: red beans, green beans, tapioca, different flavors of rice balls, etc. However, the key of moonrise ice is that yellow-orange yolk. It is a stroke of genius from elder generation which take people to experience precious Taiwanese memories and science theory of frozen gelation by a spoonful of this edible piece of collective art in mouth.


ceramic spoon part: hand-wash with detergent recommended.

shadow box part: best to put in a place without direct sunlight.

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