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Saladise Fairy Spoon


H  10.0 in   W 7.1 in   D 1.2 in

Ceramic, PVC foam sheet, mixed media, watercolor paper



There are two hand-made ceramic spoon figures in the mixed media shadow box. They can be served as spoon or as artwork for hanging on wall, placing on tabletop, or eating food.


Around 2020 A.C. (After Covid), the Spooniverse was born…

The Spooniverse includes Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot food energy planets, Humearth, etc. It keeps expanding and many mystic spoon-like beings evolve and flourish in unforeseen speed.


From this box, you will see “Saladise” which refers to a perfect and harmonious state of combined beings and energy from different food energy planets. And once Saladise created and safely transported to “Humearth” by “Spoonauts” it will continue flourishing. Besides, “Saladise Fairy spoon” exists in every planet. They show up to help “Spoonauts” and point out some directions on how to create “Saladise” in different seasons and terms.   


ceramic spoon part: hand-wash with detergent recommended.

shadow box part: best to put in a place without direct sunlight.

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