Seaweed Wetland: Under The Soup

H  9.0 in   W 9.0 in   D 3.5 in

Ceramic, MDF wood, PVC foam sheet, LED string light, fusible fabric, mixed media



There are two ceramic spoon figures in the mixed media shadow box. It can be served as spoon or as artwork for hanging on wall, placing on tabletop, or eating food.


Around 2020 A.C. (After Covid), the Spooniverse was born…

The Spooniverse includes Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot food energy planets, Humearth, etc. It keeps expanding and many mystic spoon-like beings evolve and flourish in unforeseen speed. 


The “Seaweed Wetland” is composed by two blackish purple bean-shaped areas which connected with each other on “Humearth”. It is a distinct ecosystem that is flooded by soup, either permanently or seasonally. Under the soup, creature and organism will camouflage themselves into black sesames, fungus, beans, seaweeds, etc. to avoid predators’ attacks.  


ceramic spoon part: hand-wash with detergent recommended.

shadow box part: no direct sunlight and away from water.