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Semi-Liquid Space

Animation Installation 






Each porcelain tile represents a key-frame. I designed , curved and glazed the 66 pieces of tiles. By taking pictures and exploiting post-production technologies, these still pieces become motion graphics. The video expresses the status of growing creatures within the wall, showing how they receive nutrients from the environment under the surface. 


◤2013—National Taiwan Normal University Graduation Collection Exhibition awarded for Semi-Liquid Space◥

Semi-Liquid Space

Interactive Installation 




After I finished animation, I try to combine image with pressure sensors, arduino and processing this work into an interactive installation. By pressing on the fabric mask’s spots (acupressure acupuncture points) which contains pressure sensors, the signal will be sent to the computer instantly to respond and make changes toward animation.


The action of pressing aims to show how to uncover ailment to soothe the underlying pressure in the individual. Correspondingly, this work can echo the viewpoint about the relationship between wall mold and social phenomenon I always mentioned from my works, and also put much more emphasis on how to find “invisible problem” to attack it.

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