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Vibrating Bridge Cultural and Historical Preservation Project


The Story About ZZSH

and Vibrating Bridge (Ruan-Chiao) 

Year of production:2011

Running Time: 5:30 min





There are three main roles in this setting and each represents Zhong Zheng Senior High school’s (ZZSHS) three separate spirits which are caring for nature (sheep), unrestrained enthusiasm (tiger), and the freedom without limitation (bird). Whole animation can be divided into three chapters. The first two chapters delineated the school founding history and geographical environment of ZZSHS. Moving to the last chapter, by applying the metaphor of fantastic journey, depicts ZZSHS changing environment in tandem with the passage of time owing to the urban planning. Setting up skyscrapers and science parks would better extirpate familiar landscape and surrounding ecosystems, but memory engraved indelible track on our mind which will revoke the deepest longing for the past --- none of us need to make a reservation for viewing ZZSHS sunset, youthful years and splendid story.

Exhibition Documentation

Watercolor works


The community of Vibrating Bridge used to be located next to the Zhong Zheng Senior High School where now become the Beitou Science and Technology Park. In 2010, I volunteered to take part in the preservation project, drawing down touching beauty and landscape of this region like portraits of local residents, traditional architectures and farmlands to retain historical and cultural memories of this meaningful land.

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